Made in Guatemala  I Produced by an Indigenous Owned Business

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The Mayan Wisdom Project

Wooden Molinillos

Wooden Molinillos

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This beautiful Molinillo set comes with 3 different types of natural tools to prepare your cacao in the traditional way.

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Prepare your Cacao in the Traditional Mayan Way

Elevate your cacao ritual with these sacred tools used by the Maya to prepare cacao in the traditional way.

Molinillos add luscious texture to cacao by creating foam-like bubbles on top. These bubbles have a function themselves, as they provide cacao with a fantastic texture and improve the way this drink feels in our mouth, as well as offer us with a sensation of fullness. 

Molinillos are the instrument that allows us to infuse our drink with love, kindness, or any other intention. They allow us to create a drink that will later be presented to our Mother Earth as an offering. For this reason, connecting to the life views of the Mayab’, we are very grateful for this wonderful gift that our elders have given us.

This set contains three different types of molinillos:

- A spatula to mix and emulsify your cacao,

- A small round molinillo to combine and create micro foam in your cacao

- A larger cross shaped molinillo to create luscious bubbles and froth.

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Origin of the Molinillos

These beautiful Molinillos are 100% hand made in Quiche in Guatemala. They are distributed by Doña Carmelita and her granddaughter Paula.

Directions for Use

  • Our molinillos are the perfect size to prepare cacao in any vessel! Whether you are making cacao for a big group or just yourself, you can use them in a larger pot or jug or simply place one directly in your cup.

  • Once your cacao is prepared with water, use your molinillo to froth and aerate the cacao.

  • Place your molinillo in your cup or jug, holding it with both hands on either side of the wooden handle.

  • Roll the molinillo between your hands to create a turning motion in the cup or vessel. Start slow and increase speed as you become more comfortable. 

  • Be sure to do this in a container that has plenty of space left over for the cacao to froth or it will spill. 

  • Once your cacao is nice and frothy, remove your molinillo and clean immediately.

Care Instructions

To clean your molinillos, simply rinse well with hot water and rub dry with a towel. Let it air dry before storing it away. 

Be sure your molinillos are completely dry before storing away to avoid mould or wood rot.

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