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The Mayan Wisdom Project

Traditional Mayan Candles

Traditional Mayan Candles

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Traditional Mayan Candles

Set of 40 Contains: White - Yellow - Red - Black (10 of each color)

Set of 90 Contains: White - Yellow - Red - Green - Blue - Light Blue - Black - Purple - Pink (10 of each color)


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These traditional Mayan candles are produced in Guatemala by Tata Mario, one of the Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders) we work with at the Mayan Wisdom Project!

Used in ceremonies, invocations, and many of the traditional practices and rituals, these candles were produced in the K'iche' nation. Depending. on your selction, you will receive 4 or 9 colors which for the Mayans each have a purpose of healing, including:

Yellow: abundance and healing

Red: strength and light

Black: releasing the negativity

White: maintaining healthy relationships

Green: connection with the heart of the Earth

Blue: asking protection from the heart of the sky

Light blue: well-being of kids and protection of families

Pink: health and hope

Purple: asking for forgiveness


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Origin of the candles

These beautiful candles come from the K'iche' Mayan nation, and are produced by the wonderful Tata Mario. He is an Ajq'ij (Mayan spiritual leader) with decades of experience in healing people, who also produces holistic products and sells them in the K'iche' area of Guatemala. The local Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders) come to his store to buy products for their own spiritual practices such as fire ceremonies, cleansings, and more.


You can use these candles for your spiritual practices. Use a match or a lighter and expose the bottom of the candle to the fire for a few seconds, then steadily place on a flat surface. You can then light your candle and allow it to burn until it is fully consumed. 

Important Information

Size & pattern/color may not be exactly as presented in the images. They naturally sometimes come with small defects, such as bumpy parts, not perfectly flat bottoms, etc. However, nothing that should affect their spiritual effect or effectiveness at standing, burning, etc.

Time until arrival varies depending on your region. Expect around 7-10 business days (Asia: 10-15 business days).

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