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You are invited to join The Mayan Wisdom Community!

The Mayan Wisdom Community

The Mayan Wisdom Community

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A FREE Space To Connect & Transform Together Through The Guidance Of Indigenous Experts

This one of a kind community that behaves like a social network for Mayan wisdom enthusiasts. This offering grants you access to:

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Join The Mayan Wisdom Community

Follow the link below to sign up and gain immediate access to this wonderful space!

Community Is the essence of the Mayab’ Nations!

So what better way to learn about the teachings of the Maya than in community?

A Maya teacher once said:

“The problem of one is the problem of all, because the world is constituted by many individuals, and as long as individuals are not okay, a society cannot be okay."

Modern day society has gone to the opposite extreme of how indigenous nations work…

The Maya believe that the lack of connection and support for one another explains most problems we face today.

In the Mayan Wisdom Project we want you to experience how it feels to be in a Maya community as we’re confident that once you do, you’ll transform mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And that’s why today we’re giving you an invitation to try our community for one week. See you inside!

Benefits of the Community

These are only a few of the benefits. We pride ourselves in the fact that we share authentic Mayan wisdom in a responsible and appropriate way. It is an incredibly deep honor to have the opportunity and permission to share the teachings of the Maya Geo-Cosmovision with the world. 

But we do not take this lightly at all. Within our organization, we have a counsel of indigenous teachers and major Maya Elders. It is them who revise and approve everything we do, from small pieces of content to big decisions about the way in which we run the Mayan Wisdom Project. 

For them to agree to form part of this organization, community meetings were held in 4 Maya nations, to ask for permission to share this wisdom in a virtual space. After many Kotzij' of consultation and long discussions that lasted years, we were given permission to open up our spaces. And in their words "There are things that can be shared and should be shared. There are things that can be shared but should not be shared. There are things that cannot be shared and should not be shared". 

On this basis, and through consent from all parties involved, we are proud to offer you a space that shares true Mayan wisdom responsibly. We guarantee that the ethical way in which our organization is run aims to protect all parties involved, including you. This is a safe and respectful space, and we want you to know that you are in a community that will protect your safety and share things with you that are appropriate for you to know, safe for you to practice, and come from the true teachings of this tradition. Everything we share are the words and wisdom of indigenous teachers, not ours.

What's Included When You Join Our Community?

When you become a member of the Mayan Wisdom Community you get access to a many different sections and activities within our community.

  • Unlock different sections such as:

    • TOPICS where you will be able to find many articles in which you will be able to study different areas of the Maya tradition. For instance: Cacao, ancient calendars, midwifery & womb healing, herbalism & plants, permaculture, architecture & engineering, current events in the Maya nations, art & music, history, spirituality & science, Popol Wuj, stones & crystals, weaving & attire, healing through Xib'alb'a (Maya underworld). 
    • CH'UMILAB' where you will be able to find out about your personality traits, life path, and tips for healing in accordance to your Maya energy. Plus, you will be able to chat and ask question about your Maya energy to the teachers of the group + discuss with people who are carried by the exact same energy as you!
    • ENTIRE COMMUNITY where you will have your own profile, be able to post in the main feed or different sections, access group chats on certain "Topics" or "Ch'umilab'", or even have a private chat with other members of the community, see who is close to you in location, and navigate around our Maya network!

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Important Information

  • Access to the Mayan Wisdom Community is completely FREE!
  • You'll gain access to 1 monthly live webinar with Q&A guided by Maya spiritual leaders and teachers
  • You'll learn about dozens of Maya topics with new content being added each week
  • Analyse your personal Maya energy, including tips on how to manage it, and section to discuss with people who carry the same energy
  • Prepare for deep transformation and profound connection!