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Made in Sololá, Guatemala  I Blessed by Mayan Spiritual Leaders I  Not One Machine Used  I  Produced by an Indigenous Owned Business

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The Mayan Wisdom Project

Ceremonial Cacao Kit - Contains Ceremonial Cacao, Candles, and 1 Jícara

Ceremonial Cacao Kit - Contains Ceremonial Cacao, Candles, and 1 Jícara

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  • 2 x 4oz Blocks (227g) Ka'kaw Chinimital Regular
  • 1 x Jicara (Traditional Mayan Cacao Drinking Cup) - choose from natural, black or red/yellow design. 
  • 10 x Traditional White Mayan Candles



The cacao is farmed in the traditional Mayan way. 3 traditional Kotzij’ (ceremonies) are held at the farm to show respect to the cacao trees: when it is planted, when it flowers, when it is harvested!
Also, every person who comes into the farm cleanses themselves with incense to bring positive energy to the space.


Part of the cacao production is left for the animals whose diet is also dependent on it, in order to respect the symbiotic relationship of cacao with the local flora and fauna. Not to mention, no chemicals come close to the cacao and the farmers use only ancient agricultural methods.


The cacao is 100% handmade. From sun drying, roasting, peeling, to grinding in the traditional metate, every step of the process is made by hand. Also, Ajq’ijab’ (Mayan spiritual leaders) energize the cacao during the process by cleansing it and having it present in traditional spiritual practices that fill it with energy.


We make use of a special paper that protects the cacao and its flavor. It is then packed in traditional Mayan bags that play the role of creating physical and spiritual protection as it travels around the world to get to your home. The bags are made by an indigenous owned business of artisans.

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The Ceremonial Cacao Kit is perfect for you if you want to accompany the use of traditional Mayan elements with our wonderful ceremonial cacao!

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Content of the Cacao Kit

The Cacao -  Receive the natural benefits of our 100% ceremonial cacao paste with 2 blocks of 4oz each (0.5 Lbs total)! It was made with love in Paxil and Kayala (Guatemala), and it is filled with incredible properties that will activate and heal your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Made 100% by hand and blessed by indigenous spiritual leaders to ensure that all of its incredible traits are contained within it and you can experience the heart opening and spiritual connection powers of cacao.

The Candles - These traditional Mayan candles are produced in Guatemala by Tata Mario, one of the Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders) we work with at the Mayan Wisdom Project! Used in ceremonies, invocations, and many of the traditional practices and rituals, these candles were produced in the K'iche' nation. They come in the color white, which represents the ability to heal our relationships, connection, and to unlock our energy. We chose white because it is the one color that gives versatility in the spiritual practice, by providing the ability to set any desired intention during invocations.

The Jícaras - Jícaras are the traditional Mayan cacao drinking cups. The Popol Wuj (sacred book of the Mayans) tells the story of Junajpu and Ixbalanque, who are known as the Elders that teach us how to overcome the trials of Xib'alb'a (the Mayan underworld which represents our own darkness). They go through a journey of defeating the trials that life brings and overcoming the parts of us that don't serve our purpose in life. They teach us about consciousness, determination, and strength. After succeeding at overcoming the trials of darkness, the twins turn into Jícaras, which is a form of squash that grows on a sacred tree. For millennia, the Mayans have emptied the squash and used it to drink their medicines, such as cacao. The cup itself is connected to healing purposes, so drinking cacao medicine from it only intensifies its effects, and bring even more healing. These jícaras are 100% handmade by a family in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala. 


For the Cacao - Mix 2-3 Tbsp of ceremonial cacao into 6-8 oz hot water in a blender and mix until foamy! 

OR even better... Do it the traditional way and mix your cacao (2-3 Tbsp) with double the size of hot (but not boiling) water, mix well until it becomes liquid and then add enough hot water to fill your cup. 

Cacao paste can also be added to foods, smoothies, breakfast bowls, ice cream, energy balls, and more!

For the candles - You can use these candles for your spiritual practices. Use a match or a lighter and expose the bottom of the candle to the fire for a few seconds, then steadly place on a flat surface. You can then light your candle and allow it to burn until it is fully consumed.For the jícaras - You can use as you would with any other cup. For washing, use your normal sponge and soap. DO NOT place in the dishwasher.

Important Information

To store the ceremonial cacao, remember that ceremonial cacao doesn't need to be refrigerated. Simply put it in a dark and cool space.

Our cacao only includes 100% pure cacao paste -we pride ourselves in the fact that this cacao didn't go through even 1 industrial machine!

Our cacao drinking cups are also 100% hand made

For all products, packaging, size & pattern/color may not be exactly as presented in the images. Remember, these are hand made and artisanal products!

Time until arrival varies depending on your region. Expect around 7-10 business days (Asia: 10-15 business days).

Cacao with purpose

With the purchase of this cacao not only are you supporting indigenous peoples through fair trade and ethical consumption, you are doing much more! The money that goes to the collective is being used to pay the workers a salary that preserves their dignity and sustains their families.

It is also put into beautiful projects which aim to bring cacao back to the indigenous communities of Guatemala, who sadly almost lost this part of their tradition. It was forbidden to use ceremonial cacao for hundreds of years for being seen as witchraft. When you buy cacao, we can give indigenous people cacao for free, alongside an education on how to use it to tackle malnutrition, reclaim their indigenous tradition, and recover their ancient wisdom.

Additionally, we support projects within the indigenous communities which include: Support for addicts in public rehab centers, cleaning and activating a corridor of ancient Mayan altars which were abandoned, and individual causes to support specific people in the community who are in need of emergency aid.

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