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"Thank you Solveig and team for putting this together. With this new found wisdom I started to truly experience cacao" - Adria R

Cacao Healing Bundle

Cacao Healing Bundle

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The Cacao Healing Bundle includes:

  • 1 Lb of Ceremonial Cacao ($69)
  • Cacao Healing Course for $100 off ($28)

The regular price for the Cacao Healing Course is $128 but you get it in the Bundle for only $28.


Please Note: Our cacao is hand made by indigenous tribes. This means quantities are truly limited and we tend to sell out fast.

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Cacao has been used for millennia by the ancient Maya as a powerful healing tool. The Maya believed that cacao has mystical and spiritual properties, and have used it in spiritual practices to connect with the energies of existence and heal the body and mind.

However, as cacao spread around the world, it lost its spiritual and healing properties. Instead of being used as a sacred medicine, it was broken down and mixed with sugar and other ingredients to create sweet treats.

The true use of cacao has been forgotten, but now a new movement is emerging to restore its power for personal and global healing



Nourish your body and soul with the pure goodness of handcrafted cacao, blessed by Mayan spiritual leaders in Guatemala.


Get access to the ancient wisdom of cacao and learn how the Maya used it for their healing practices.


Discover the unique qualities of this ceremonial cacao:

  • High-Quality Cacao - This cacao comes from an ancient farm in Guatemala and it’s made from the highest quality beans, known as Criollo
  • Handmade - Each step of the process, including sun drying, roasting, peeling, and grinding, is performed by hand with greater care and intention
  • Ethical Sourcing - Produced by Chinimital del Ka'kaw, an indigenous collective of cacao businesses in Guatemala
  • Way Beyond Fair Trade - Our cacao farmers and producers set their own prices, and receive way more than the fair trade rate, which would still be exploitative
  • Authentic Mayan Tradition - The Chinimital del Ka’kaw collective is rooted in authentic Mayan traditions and values, preserving a rich cultural heritage that has been passed down for centuries
  • Biodiverse Farming - The cacao used in this paste is grown using regenerative and biodiverse farming practices that prioritize the health of the soil, wildlife, and ecosystem
  • Blessed - The Mayan spiritual leaders perform a Mayan ceremony using incense and fire to invoke sacred energies for cleansing, blessing, and protection of the cacao


Discover the ancient wisdom inside the course:

  • Introduction to Cacao - Learn about the rich history and spiritual significance of this ancient plant medicine and how it can support your healing journey
  • Cacao and Healing - Explore the healing properties of cacao and how they can help you open your heart and promote physical and spiritual healing
  • The Maya and Cacao - Uncover the ancient practices and beliefs surrounding cacao, how the Maya used it in their daily lives, and the role it played in their culture and society
  • Authentic Ceremonies - Explore the true essence of a Mayan Kotzij', a profound spiritual practice that involves the offering of cacao to the sacred energies of existence and our ancestors
  • Cacao for Conflict Resolution - Learn how to use cacao as a tool for conflict resolution in your personal and professional life so you can open up spaces for productive conversations and achieve resolutions with empathy and understanding
  • Daily Cacao Practice - Learn practical tools and techniques for incorporating cacao into your daily routine, and discover how this simple ritual can help you stay grounded and centered during your day



I'm Solveig Barrios, co-founder of The Mayan Wisdom Project. As the daughter of a renowned Mayan elder, Carlos Barrios, I grew up surrounded by the incredible wisdom and teachings of the ancient Mayan civilization and now my mission is to share it with the world to transform your life and society.

We’ve partnered with multiple leaders in the Mayan nations to bring you the most authentic products and today I’m excited to present to you the Cacao Healing Bundle. Through our bundle, we are bringing you high-quality ceremonial cacao and also an introductory course on how to use cacao for healing and personal growth.

Our products are designed to transform your life and connect you with the powerful energies of existence. That's why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. We want you to feel completely confident and satisfied with your purchase.

Thank you for choosing us, I am eager to hear about your journey with cacao.

Love and light to you!

Solveig Barrios