Do You Feel Called To...

  • Learn about ancient traditions and holistic healing practices?
  • Learn directly from Indigenous Healers and Spiritual Leaders?
  • Discover more about yourself and your unique purpose?
  • Improve mental, physical and emotional health?
  • Find a deeper sense of peace and fulfilment in the here and now?
  • Connect with a community of like minded people both in your area and around the world?

If SO, Then The Academy Is The Place For YOU!

Why Join The Academy?

The Academy is an incredible platform that allows you to implement what you learn as a way to support your own healing journey of growth and transformation.

You'll have the support of a community of like-minded people from all over the world, united together as you tap into the magic, the medicine and the richness of ancient Mayan culture.  

Creating this space was no easy feat and almost bigger than the task of building the Academy itself was the time spent meeting and communing with Elders and teachers from the Mayab' nations to gain the permission to share this sacred knowledge.

Knowledge that has been passed down and protected for thousands of years.

After many long conversations through Kotzij' and community meetings, they granted us permission and gave their blessings for us to share their sacred wisdom in this way. 

What's Included?

Training & Video Courses: You'll have access to a library of in depth video courses with MORE being uploaded every month.

Monthly Live Webinars: Participate live or access the recordings of these monthly lessons guided by our incredible panel of true indigenous, Guatemalan spiritual leaders.

Practical Exercises: Experience rituals and practices that will help you develop and refine your own skills and personal healing.

Community & Support: Connect and learn from other program participants via our private community, people who are making the same journey as you, to share your progress and ask questions. 

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  • The Academy is a Unique Opportunity to Learn Authentic Mayan Wisdom

    All of our teachers are spiritual leaders from Indigenous communities in Guatemala! Our goal is to share with you the true ancient Mayan wisdom. 

Here are some of the amazing courses available inside The Academy!

  • The Secret Wisdom of the Mayans with Elder Carlos Barrios

    Modules in this course:
    • Who Are The Mayans?
    • The Sacred Calendar
    • The Five Suns: The Cycles of the Human Race
    • The Origins of The Mayans
    • The B'alameb
    • The Rays of Creation
    • Practicals Exercises: How To Change Your Reality
  • Materials Used in Ceremony with Tata Mario

    Modules in this course:
    • Music
    • Sugar
    • Incense
    • Candles
    • Cacao
    • Flowers
    • The Sacred Staff
    • Ocote
    • Day's Count
  • Maya Upperworld & Underworld with Tata Juan & Tata Miguel

    Modules in this course:
    • The Maya Upperworld
    • The Maya Underworld
    • The Duality of both worlds
    • Mayan Altars & Their Connection to the Upper/Underworld
    • Techniques of the Upperworld
    • Techniques of the Underworld
  • Tobacco as a Medicine with Nana Sandra

    Modules in this course:
    • The Work of Tobacco Healers
    • Types of Tobacco
    • Tobacco as an Ancient Medicine
    • The Healing Process
    • Tobacco and Fire Ceremonies
  • Important Mayan Spiritual Practices with Tata Juan & Tata Miguel

    Modules in this course:
    • Kotzij' (Fire Ceremony)
    • Tz'ite'
    • Tobacco Cleansing
    • Responsio
  • The 20 Energies in the Body with Nana Jessica, Nana Anayeli & Nana Thelma

    Modules in this course:
    • A Deep Dive into Each of the 20 Energies:
    • B'atz' / E / Aj / I'x / Tz'ikin / Ajmaq / No'j / Tijax / Kawoq / Ajpu / Imox / Iq' / Aq'ab'al / K'at / Kan / Kame / Kej / Q'anil / Toj / Tz'i'
  • The Secret Wisdom of the Mayans

    In this beautiful introductory course guided by Elder Carlos Barrios, we explore the basic concepts of Mayan wisdom and the mysteries that surround them.

    This course explores the history of the Mayab’ - who they were, what they uncovered and just how knowledgable they were in so many topics, such as medicine, astronomy, astrology, architecture, and more. 

  • Materials Used in Ceremony

    In this video course Tata Mario, walks us through the sacred practice of the Maya 'ceremony'.

    Discover the importance of the materials used in these sacred rituals as well as role of an Ajq'ij who's job it is to open the spaces and energetic portals. Learn about the term Kotzij’ and its importance for the Mayan Geo-cosmovision.

  • Maya Upperworld & Underworld

    This fascinating video course is hosted by Tata Juan and Tata Miguel who introduce us to these dual energies. Learn about the Maya upperworld which represents the energy we have on earth at this moment in time, this includes our human behaviour and where we might need to balance that energy. Just as important is the Maya underworld, the places where darkness converges. This represents all the things that ail us, attack us, or bring us challenges in our lives. The underworld also represents the parts of us and of our lives that we have to accept and overcome in order to become integral beings.

  • Tobacco as a Medicine

    Tobacco is one of the most sacred elements in Mayan practices. In this video course Nana Sandra teaches us the different types of tobacco and its uses. We'll also learn how tobacco helps us to open up the energetic connection with the four corners of the Earth and the cosmos and how we can use it to purify ourselves and release negative energy.

  • Important Mayan Spiritual Practices

    During this video course, Tata Juan and Tata Miguel walk us through various Maya practices and ceremonies. We'll learn about the profound journey a Mayan Spiritual Leader undertakes in order to receive their title and the many tools and practices they draw upon in their work. Topics include sacred Mayan Altars, Divination and Responsio the practice for opening portals with our ancestors so that we can establish a spiritual connection with them.

  • The 20 Energies in the Body

    The Cholq'ij Calendar is considered to be one of the most sacred and important calendars in the Mayan Geo-Cosmovision. Within it we can find the 20 energies that exist in the world around us, as well as their physical expression in the human body. In this video course Nana Jessica, Nana Anayeli & Nana Thelma teach us the significance of each energy and which parts of the body are ruled by them. Discover traditional medicines and massage techniques that can be used to help these nahuales integrate into your body.

All These Topics and Many MORE

These are just a taste of the MANY amazing courses available to you in The Academy!

Learn from many new teachers, receive new video courses every month, and learn about topics never before covered. Discover sections like herbalism, cacao, mental health, midwifery and womb healing, ancient architecture, Mayan permaculture, holistic cooking and Mayan superfoods, neuroscience, spirituality, and much more! 

What's Are The Benefits of Studying Mayan Wisdom?

  • Turn knowledge into wisdom, and put it into action in your daily life.

  • Release mental and emotional blockages and traumas that are holding you back.

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and financial blockages, and finally create abundance.

  • Heal or improve physical disease and pain.

  • Evolve past your current limitations and manifest the reality you want.

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Who Will Be With You in This Experience?

Meet our incredible panel of true indigenous, Guatemalan spiritual leaders. We are deeply honored that they are sharing their knowledge and time through this program.

It is time that the world has access to their incredible wisdom.

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I'm already a member of the Mayan Wisdom Community, how is the Academy different?

The Community is a great place to learn about several topics pertaining to Mayan wisdom and is a great place to start your journey!

However, if you are the type who wants to know more and deep dive into this incredibly rich culture and all that it has to offer, then the Academy is the place to do this.

The Academy takes each topic and greatly expands upon it offering deeper wisdom, insights and even practices to help accompany you on your spiritual journey through high-quality video courses.

How do I access the Academy and its content?

Once you have signed up for the Academy, you will receive an email with a link giving you access to the Academy space of the Community.

Can't find the email? First check your spam folder and then send us a note and we will help you!

How does the subscription work? What if I want to cancel my membership?

The One-Year Membership is charged as a one-off payment, Monthly Memberships are recurring payments billed on the same day each month.

Once you sign up for the Academy you will receive an email with instructions with how to activate your membership as well as a log portal that allows you to manage your subscription.

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time via your customer portal or by emailing us at

What is the ideal amount of time to work through the content in the Academy?

You will have unlimited access to the videos as they become available to you and new content is always being added!

The learning is self paced as healing, learning and evolving happens at a different pace for everyone.

There is no need to rush and there is lots to learn.

Do these practices work in conjunction with conventional therapy?

Of course! In fact a lot of the content in the Academy will likely provide you new avenues to explore your thoughts and feelings as well as new insights into your current situation.

Therapy is a great way to unpack these thoughts and feelings.

The Academy is not designed to be a substitute for therapy. 

I need support, who can I contact?

Please reach out to our dedicated team at for any support you need and we will do our best to guide you. 

Here's What Our Members Have To Say

"Within a month, I learned so many things about myself and the world around me. The Academy opened me to a universe of possibilities." - Donna, USA

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