About Us


"Chinimital" is the format in which ancient Mayan organizations are led. It follows a system that aims to protect all members of the community, the wellbeing of the Earth, and future generations of people who are yet to come. Our Chinimital is specifically dedicated to the work with cacao, the preservation of its history, traditions, the protection of its farms and land, and research to continue to discover and guard the proper ways to work with it. 

Chinimital del Ka'kaw is built on the collaboration of over 100 people from four Mayan nations:  Q'iche', Kaqchikel, Q'eqchi', and Tz'utujil. 

Within our organization, we have a counsel of indigenous teachers and major Mayan Elders. It is them who revise and approve everything we do, from the way in which we can provide education about cacao to the world to the way the cacao is produced from the fam to the cup. 

For them to agree to their organization opening up to the international scene to provide true 100% Mayan ceremonial cacao and education about it through a virtual space, community meetings were held in 4 Mayan nations. After many Kotzij' (ceremonies) of consultation and long discussions that lasted years, we (The Mayan Wisdom Project) were given permission to join this collective and open up the space for people from all corners of the world to access this beautiful medicine. 

On this basis, and through consent from all parties involved, we are proud to offer you spaces and cacao imprinted with true Mayan wisdom, culture, and heritage in a responsible way. We guarantee that the ethical way in which our organization is run aims to protect all parties involved, including you. This is a safe and respectful space, and we want you to know that you are in a community that will protect your safety and share things with you that are appropriate for you to know, safe for you to practice, and come from the true teachings of this tradition. Everything we share are the words and wisdom of the indigenous teachers, not ours. And the cacao is made 100% by hand in the traditional Mayan way. 

This also applies to all other holistic products you will find in our shop, which support small family indigenous owned businesses to thrive. 



The members of our Chinimital are all working towards many aims. This means that by purchasing this cacao or any of our other beautiful products you are helping us with our charitable projects. These include:

  • Providing a Mayan education for free in indigenous communities with the aim that people are able to reclaim their roots and ancient traditions. 
  • Every time you buy cacao we give cacao to indigenous people for free alongside education on its nutritional values, spiritual uses, and history. We especially focus on the fight against child malnutrition in poor communities of Guatemala through the use of cacao. 
  • Projects to provide financial education and work to indigenous women so that they can become self sustainable. 
  • Free ancient treatments with cacao in local rehab centers that have already helped us rehabilitate many indigenous people who struggle with addiction.
  • Financial relief for individuals or families who find themselves in critical situations. 


FARM TO CUP (of our ceremonial cacao)

  • THE FARM - The cacao is farmed in the traditional Mayan way. 3 traditional Kotzij’ (ceremonies) are held at the farm to show respect to the cacao trees: when it is planted, when it flowers, when it is harvested!
    Also, every person who comes into the farm cleanses themselves with incense to bring positive energy to the space.
  • BIODIVERSITY - Part of the cacao production is left for the animals whose diet is also dependent on it, in order to respect the symbiotic relationship of cacao with the local flora and fauna. Not to mention, no chemicals come close to the cacao and the farmers use only ancient agricultural methods.
  • PRODUCTION - The cacao is 100% handmade. From sun drying, roasting, peeling, to grinding in the traditional metate, every step of the process is made by hand. Also, Ajq’ijab’ (Mayan spiritual leaders) energize the cacao during the process by cleansing it and having it present in traditional spiritual practices that fill it with energy.
  • PACKAGING - We make use of a special paper that protects the cacao and its flavor. It is then packed in traditional Mayan bags that play the role of creating physical and spiritual protection as it travels around the world to get to your home. The bags are made by an indigenous owned business of artisans.



In our shop you will find a wide variety of products, such as: 

  • Traditional Mayan candles that are produced in Guatemala by Tata Mario, one of the Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders) we work with at The Mayan Wisdom Project who owns a small local shop with his family where many spiritual leaders come to buy materials for their practices and ceremonies.
  • Jícaras (traditional Mayan cacao drinking cups). They are 100% hand made by a family from Baja Verapaz, who has been working in the production of jícaras for decades. A mother, her daughter, and other members of the family gather the jícaras from the trees, empty them, dry them in the sun, and make these beautiful designs all by hand. Not to mention when they joined our team, they were barely making it through the day when it came to financially sustaining themselves, and thanks to your help their small business is now thriving!
  • Cacao tea made with love in Guatemala by our wonderful collective, Chinimital del Ka'kaw. And is filled with incredible properties that will activate and heal your body. This tea is made from the husk or bean shell that covers the cacao beans. After the beans of our cacao are wood-fire roasted, the cacao gets peeled by hand, and the husk or shell that comes from it becomes our healthy and delicious cacao tea!

And stay tuned, as our shop is getting ready to provide you with many more beautiful healing and holistic products!