Before you explore our shop, learn how we make our ceremonial cacao

Meet the indigenous collective Chinimital del Ka'kaw, as they tell us about the sacred and millenary tradition of preparing ceremonial cacao. For the Mayans, cacao is a sacred medicine that has powerful healing benefits, can support our spiritual connection, and help us access a profound state of clarity.



Our cacao is made by a cacao collective called Chinimital del Ka'kaw, which is formed by people of four Mayan nations: K'iche', Kaqchikel, Q'eqchi', and Tz'utujil.

Their mission is clear: To make the authentic practices and wisdom of cacao available to their community and to the world. The collective is formed by Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders), Elders (spiritual leaders who play the role of guides for the community), cacao farmers, artisans, historians, cacao transformation experts, Texel (grandmothers in charge of guiding the process of production of cacao), and more members of the community.

Chinimital is the format in which ancient Mayan organizations are led. It follows a system that aims to protect all members of the community, the wellbeing of the Earth, and future generations of people who are yet to come. There is not one employee in our Chinimital, but rather we have created a collective of businesses and individuals who are supported to thrive through our work together. Between farmers, artisans, producers, and more, we sustain over 20 indigenous owned businesses + several individuals who work tirelessly for projects of community support within our Chinimital.